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Natural Disinfectant Spray
Natural Disinfectant Spray

Natural Disinfectant Spray

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Our new Disinfectant Spray is made by the process of curation and distillation of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungial herbs. The concentrated formula is safe for using on the hands and arms of adults and children and it can also be used on surfaces!

We recollect the plants from our garden and we immediately start the curation process, which takes from 1 to 2 weeks. Afterwards, we distill the liquid to extract the alcohol produced by the fermentation process. The result is an all natural alcohol spray that doesn’t dry hands and has a beautiful herbal aroma. To use spray once or twice on hands and run to disperse the product evenly

Net wt: 1 oz

Ingredients: rosemary hydrosol, alcohol of vegetable origin, bay rum leaves, rosemary, pennyroyal, Cuban thyme, lots of magic and love

Ingredientes: hidrosol de romero, alcohol de origen vegetal, malagueta, romero, poleo, orégano brujo, mucha magia y amor